OKF Membership Update

2020, without a doubt, has been a challenging year for us all. It is fair to say that dojo owners across the province have had to endure constant uncertainty regarding the future of their club. In the past week, we have received emails from several of you detailing your concerns regarding 2021 memberships. We acknowledge your frustrations and we appreciate you directly communicating with us.

It is of utmost importance we maintain the OKF as an active organization through membership enrollment. A PSO with high numbers of enrollment receives better government funding and is overall integral for the legitimacy of the organization. With that being said, it is also pivotal to note that any government funding the OKF does receive is not substantial enough to maintain normal operations - the OKF truly relies, to a great extent, on these membership fees.

Nevertheless, as a show of good faith, we have decided to allocate a sum of $10,500 that will be equally divided amongst all clubs that apply for a part of this sum. The portion you will receive from this fund is dependent on the number of applications we receive as, again, the sum of $10,500 will be equally divided amongst all clubs that apply.

Below you will find information regarding the application process. We ask that you only apply if absolutely necessary.

Which clubs can apply?

All clubs that meet the following criteria may apply:

* ·Clubs that registered with the OKF before January 31st, 2020
* ·Clubs that had a minimum of 5 members registered before January 31st, 2020
* ·Clubs that had all their members registered for an OKF membership in 2020

How to apply?

Fill in the following:

* 1.Full Name:
* 2.Club Name:
* 3.Brief explanation regarding your reason for applying.

Please do not provide any personal financial details or any other details of personal matters. A sentence or two will suffice for this section.

To apply please email OKF Membership Director with the required information at

How to receive your portion of funding?

We will E-transfer your equal share of the fund 1 -2 weeks after the application deadline. We will need some time to go through the applications and calculate an equal division of the aforementioned sum amongst all applicant clubs.

The deadline to apply is January 31st, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

To apply please email OKF Membership Director with the required information at