Let the Games Begin - Tokyo 2021 - Two OKF Members Headed to Compete in the Olympic Games

It has been an emotional roller coaster for all athletes looking to compete in the current Olympic Games. With Japan choosing to postpone it back in 2020 for the safety of everyone who would be participating and the Covid-19 threat continuing to sabotage the chance of the Olympics happening at all; it's a miracle it has been pulled off with the Opening Ceremonies kicking off the games.

What is even more exciting is that Ontario will be adding two more athletes ready to compete in Karate's Olympic.

Daniel Gaysinsky, a kumite athlete who's a member of the Ontario Karate Federation and Karate Canada, made the qualifications for the Games in Paris, France back in June. He was competing in the +75kg kumite division, and stormed the competition until his final match. Tied 3-3, Daniel won because he scored the first point where he was awarded senshu. Although he received a penalty and had lost his senshu advantage for a bried moment, with a protest from Team Canada made it so the match ended with him winning bronze and earning himself a ticket bound for Tokyo.

Along side Daniel, Ontario is also sending an athlete who's journey was a little different and has had to face several other challenges to get to Japan. Hamoon and his coach, Samira, travelled from Iran to Canada so they may be given the chance to compete in Japan. He qualified for the Games due to his previous performances in other International Tournaments, but faced political difficulties that would not permit his coach to be by his side if he were to compete. So with support of the International Olypmic Committee, the Ontario Karate Federation, and other clubs affiliated with the OKF (Shiva Fighters Karate DoDriftwood Martial Arts and Kazoku Martial Arts Centre), they were able to get Hamoon the go ahead to make it to Japan and fulfill him and his coaches Olympic dream.

Now they are both bound to compete and will be cheered amongst the hundreds of other athletes who qualified and were able to make it to the Olympics.

The Ontario Karate Federation would also like to send their wishes to those who were not able to make it to this year's competition and hope they will be given the chance in Paris, France 2024.